Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Importance of Academic Interview Transcription Services

Hi-Tech Transcription Services offers highly effective and cost efficient academic interview transcription services to the different educational institutions and research centers. While various one to one interview and panel interviews between the educational staffs and students happen on a frequent basis in the educational colleges and universities, often at times distribution of these informational materials is needed so that the students can get access to the educational and extra-curricular information for reference, in order to prepare for their future educational endeavors. 

While the audio and video files cannot be distributed in a time and cost-efficient manner, the written transcripts are a much better way to distribute the whole content and message. Hi-Tech Transcription Services caters to the varied transcription needs of the educational clients, so as to make sure that the information can properly be dispatched among the masses.

We Offer the Following Academic Interview Transcription Services to our clients:
  • Face to face interviews
  • Group or panel interviews
  • Informal interviews
  • Interviews cum conferences
  • Lectures accompanied by interviews
  • Interviews accompanied by presentations
At Hi-Tech Transcription Services, we have a well-rounded team of transcription professionals competent in analyzing all the audio information in a precise manner and transcribing them into the written formats. We make use of the advanced voice recognition software tools in order to make sure that each and every audio word is being transcribed into the correct written form. All the academic interview transcription files are stringently cross checked by our proficient team of quality analysts before the final delivery to the clients.

Hi-Tech Transcription Services offers its clients with the flexibility to send their audio files in any of their suitable formats. We are compatible with any type of file formats. Clients can upload their audio files in our website through a fully secure file transfer protocol. Upon getting access to the files, we start our essential operations to provide you with the written content within the deadlines.

Clients can expect the following benefits by opting for the academic interview transcription services at Hi-Tech Transcription Services:
  • Access to the latest transcription technologies
  • Access to fully accurate written content devoid of any grammatical ambiguities
  • Delivery of files within deadlines
  • Transcripts according to your personal specifications at the genuine costs
Hi-Tech Transcription Services, India based Transcription Company with years of expertise and experience of over 17 years in providing efficient and accurate transcription services and support. Get exceptional results by hiring expert transcriptionists in India, Feel free to contact with queries and questions on info@hitechtranscriptionservices.com

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hospital Gain From Outsourcing Medical Transcription Services

Medical Transcription Services — a Sigh of Relief for Hospitals:

With everyone reaping benefits of technology nowadays, its ill-effects are also fast becoming cause of concern for most of us now. With the kind of pressure hospitals go through during times of crisis, shortage of staff, and scarcity of funds, it becomes indispensable for their management to outsource work to external agencies.
  • It becomes all the more imperative to have right systems in place at hospitals as the work ethics demand so.
  • A healthy workplace ensures error-free and an ideal health-care delivery.
  • This requires equal work distribution and sharing of responsibilities.
  • Thus, non-core hospital tasks need to be outsourced to external bodies.
Medical transcription is outsourced as it is a non-core hospital job.It is always advisable to outsource those tasks which do not fall under your specific expertise and get them done by an outside agency.

This way, you can put all your efforts into handling core hospital tasks thus leaving no place for negligence or ignorance or non-performance.
  • There are medical transcription services available in the market.
  • These include discharge summary transcription, emergency room transcription, progress reports, pathology report, radiology report, autopsy report, consultation report and physical examination report
Your hospital needs to send recorded dictation, or text reports or daily observations or a patient’s medical history or medical tests or prescriptions to a service provider. The transcriptionists located offshore would transcribe all of this and send the same within the given time-frame. Cost-effectiveness and confidentiality of reports are few gains of outsourcing.

Outsourcing medical transcribing services is cheap as compared to getting it done by in-house employees or a health-care agency. Outsourcing saves your cost on manpower, infrastructure and maintenance. 

Hi-Tech Transcription Services, India based Transcription Company with years of expertise and experience of over 17 years in providing efficient and accurate transcription services and support. Get exceptional results by hiring expert transcriptionists in India, Feel free to contact with queries and questions on info@hitechtranscriptionservices.com.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cut Down In-House Medical Transcription Services Cost

“Medical, Health care facility XYZ announces today that it will buy medical transcription services rather than doing it in-house.”

These kind of new used to flash regularly in electronic media. Do we have an answer why they are shifting there working methodology from in-house transcribing facility to outsourcing it to professional medical transcribers?

Hospitals, clinics, health-care facilities do take decisions despite the fact that they have in-house medical transcriptionists, health information management professionals, specialize staff to look after various transcribing need of specialize sections like radiology, emergency services and more.

Some of The Prominent Reasons are:

·        Organizations tend to decrease work volumes
·        Willing to use technological advancements
·        Seeking better electronic health records management through (EHR)
·        Want to reduce transcriptionist in there company
·        Seek services of professional transcribers
·        Want to reduce total operational cost on medical transcribing needs
·        Outsourcing will help save time cost management issues and hassle
·        Hunt for consistent and accurate medical transcripts on regular basis

Hiring professional transcribers of a recognized medical transcription company enables them to accelerate, seamlessly upon all transcribing requirements as and when they need that.

Companies with years of experience and expertise in providing high quality medical transcripts to physicians, clinics and hospitals use advance technologies like voice recognition systems, dictation recording and transcription facilities, hi-tech transcription equipments coupled with proven transcription procedures, accurate documentation features within EHR and capability to deliver voluminous transcribing solutions for medical field.

Medical facilities are taking decision based on the fact that it will result in increased efficiency for hospitals, cutting down operational cost, management issues while providing greater employment stability and result oriented approach towards core business activities.

As per recent survey showed that 119 leading academic medical centers and affiliated hospitals (approx. 90%) are willing to transit and want to outsource transcription services to professional companies, the reasons are quite similar.

Hi-Tech Transcription Services, India based Transcription Company with years of expertise and experience of over 17 years in providing efficient and accurate transcription services and support. Get exceptional results by hiring expert transcriptionists in India, Feel free to contact with queries and questions on info@hitechtranscriptionservices.com

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hire Business Interview Transcribers

Hiring interview transcribers for all type of interview, research studies, business interview is very common among corporate, business and companies across countries like United States, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, UK, UAE and other European nations.

Why it Becomes Absolute Necessity to Hire Professional Interview Transcribers?

Interviews, meetings, discussions are being conducted by business mangers, journalists, HR personals, recruitment houses, job consultants as a part of their daily work routine. These interviews, research studies by scientists, medical practitioners, market analyzers, and researchers are time-consuming and long and transcribing such interviews audio, video recordings from number of devices, formats to text often becomes impossible for them.

Regular interviews at a corporate house, company, meetings, annual meetings, round table discussions results in bulk transcribing need and it is absolutely impractical to transcribe them in specific time period, on desired multiple formats, with highest level of accuracy at in-house interview transcribing channel.

So they usually turn on to a professional interview transcription service providing companies in countries like India to get the job done in most efficient manner. The outcomes desired quick completion of interview transcription task; assured accuracy level, regular assistance, and reduction of operation cost are met by hiring business interview transcribers in India.

How to Choose Ideal Business Interview Transcribers?

·        Years of experience in a digital video / audio media interview transcribing
·        Huge digital audio video transcribing background
·        Technological expertise, preferably use of best transcribing equipments
·        Ability to manage bulk transcribing work flow and tight turnaround time
·        Strong presence in European nations, satisfied clientele
·        Skilled, trained and experienced interview transcribers
·        Team of best proofreaders, editors and quality controllers
·        Strong written and verbal skills on multiple languages, accents

Dynamic, experienced, motivated transcribers who have handled exclusive transcribing needs of video, television, news stories, celebrity interviews, discussion, video-recording proceedings, conference calls transcription requirements from medical, financial, real estate, legal are required than hiring business interview transcribers from India can prove good decision.

Transcribing an interview: Seek a professional business interviews transcriber’s help at Hi-Tech Transcription Services, leading transcription company in India with 17 plus years of experience and over 1500+ successfully completed project of its offshore clients.

Get more information at info@hitechtranscriptionservices.com

Monday, May 13, 2013

Online Legal Transcription Services

Legal transcription and dictation services available through online websites and transcription companies behind that who are specialize in providing professional transcription solutions for variety of legal documents, events, recordings, footage for law firms, attorneys, financial institutions, corporations, law enforcements departments and more.

Besides being fast, accurate, and secure what else offshore law firms expect to have while outsourcingtheir legal transcribing requirements to Asian countries like India?

Experience and Confidentiality measure of highest level! It is well-know fact that Indian transcription companies are more experience in this field and to satisfy the much required necessity of global legal transcription needs. Implementation of advance data security tools, software and equipments are being introduced by many companies.

To gain enough confidence in what they do at fully furnished transcription centers in India, the companies are maintaining very transparent business approach and it has already enabled them to attract 20-30% more business in year 2011-12.

Factors Responsible For Regular Increase in Satisfied Clients:

·        Competitive Rates for Legal Transcription Services
·        Clear Understanding of urgency, accuracy and confidentiality needs
·        Rapid turnaround for all legal transcription requirements
·        Assistance for highest level of quality, consistent accuracy
·        Affordable legal transcribing rates, up to 40-60% affordable
·        Industrial best transcribers with years of experience and expertise
·        Use of latest technologies, tools, software and equipment to assure quality

Considering legal transcription companies in India for outsourcing online legal transcription projects is an effective way to lower expenses, improve reliability, and increase security on all transcribing need.

Legal transcription specialists at Indian companies are efficient and know to deliver best services on digital legal dictations, recordings from various devices, mobile phones, audio and video formats, and huge audio files transcription.

Outsourcing Online Legal Transcription Services to Indian Companies can yield you easy to use, scalable and value added benefits that help you increase productivity and save time and cost too.

Hi-Tech Transcription Services, India based Transcription Company with years of expertise and experience of over 17 years in providing efficient and accurate transcription services and support. Get exceptional results by hiring expert transcriptionists in India, Feel free to contact with queries and questions on info@hitechtranscriptionservices.com

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Why You Should Outsource Transcription Services to India?

Having audio, video, recordings, tapes transcribed accurately and quickly to text format is highly beneficial in analysis, storing and sharing valuable information. Business, academic institutions, students, lecturers, professors, health care professionals, studios and media houses prefer to outsource transcription services to India. The sole reason behind is highest level of accuracy, timely completion of projects and huge experience Indian transcribers have in this industry compared to transcribers of other countries.

India has been the most preferred location to outsource not only transcription but other requirements of BPO, KPO, IT and support also. And with the implementation of newer and advance technologies the rate of outsourcing to India has increased up to 26% in year 2011-12 and predicted to mount up to 38-40% in year 2013-14.

Why Indian Transcription Companies are preferred more than other Asian countries (Philippines, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Indonesia etc) for outsourcing needs?

No Language Barrier:

Surprise to know that most widely spoken language on the planet is Mandarin not English and apart from it Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, French are some of the major languages which often need transcribing to English. India is the only country having expertise in learning multiple languages (400+ different languages spoken and used in India) and transcribing experts are professionally trained in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and other languages. And this offers offshore countries to outsource multiple language transcribing needs to India.


Years of industrial experience, clear understanding of various business terminologies say finance, legal, medical, real estate, manufacturing, media, journalism etc and in-depth transcribing expertise help professional transcribers deliver the most accurate transcribing solutions with guarantee.

Proven transcribing procedures, use of advance technologies, transcription software, tools, equipment and industrial best proofreaders, editors and QC team assures accurate transcripts.

International Standards:

All the outsourcing solutions for transcribing needs are done as per international standards, privacy policies, rules and regulations such as HIPAA Compliance.

The Follow-Up Work:

If you are looking for accuracy, fast turnaround time and hassle free transcribing solution with in your esteemed budget and affordable than local transcribing rates than transcription services in India can only offer it. Transcription companies have easy procedures, flexible pricing and ability to expand its operations as per your bulk transcribing needs or urgent transcribing requirements.

The Pricing:

Transcription services in India are not cheaper but it is more affordable than what you have been paying locally. And fast turnaround time, highest level of quality, professional approach, dedicated team of transcribers for your job AND accountability of quality are some of the additional value added benefits Indian transcription services are capable of offering.
Hi-Tech Transcription Services, India based Transcription Company with years of expertise and experience of over 17 years and thousands of successfully completed projects. Get exceptional results on outsourced transcription service needs by experts, Feel free to contact with queries and questions on info@hitechtranscriptionservices.com